Royal Whims

HRM Ari Tyrbrandr

Likes: Meat, meat, and more meat, sweet wet mead, Liebfraumilch and Lambrusca wine in red or white, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, breads, sweet tea, lemonade, Gatorade (blues and clears only), pistachios, cashews, almonds. Beers...Newcastle, AmberBock, Gulden Draak.

Food Dislikes: Tomatoes

Colors: Black/gold/red, blue and white, white on white, white on black

Largess: NORSE! Meads, beads, rings, fabric, trim, amber, lampwork beads and Norse wire weaving, Bacon!

Royal Spawn

Likes:Horses and Unicorns are her favorite creatures.

Colors: Black and teal, black and gold, blue and white.

Foods: Jerky, goldfish, most fruits, jerky, gummies, and pistachios.

Kara also likes to participate in combat, live archery and rapier.

HRM Sibilla Daine

Food Likes: Meats, cheese, nuts (except peanuts unless boiled), fruits, veggies, Slim-Jims. Prefers Gluten Free meals

Food Dislikes: Anything that uses too much cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg

Colors:Black/gold/red, blues, greens, burgundy/rusts

LargessFabrics- wool, linen, raw silk, rings, necklaces, jewelry of most kinds, lampwork beads, inkle or tablet woven trims 3/8in through 3 inch wide and Norse wire weaving